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Tips care

Here are some wool care tips, but first a brief description of this magnificent material. Wool is a natural animal fiber. Pure knitted wool and 100% wool textiles are antistatic. Wool retains neither dust nor odors so if your clothes are not stained, cleaning can be done very infrequently.

To limit how often you wash your woolens, it is recommended to change your clothing often, rather than wearing the same garment for several days in a row. Before putting your wool clothes away, shake them to air them out and dust them off.

To guarantee the durability and long life of your garment, we advise you to hand wash your knitwear.

Machine wash

You can machine wash your woolen clothes, taking a few precautions. Never use fabric softeners and never tumble dry!

Place your item of clothing in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag. Choose a wool program (low temperature and low spin speed) and use very little detergent, preferably a “special wool” detergent. Dry your garment flat on a terry cloth towel so as not to distort the weave.

Hand washing

Hand washing knitware in barely warm water (25 ° C (77° F )- lukewarm at most). Do not soak the sweater, but massage it gently without ever pulling on it, as this may deform it. Also avoid excess soap foam, and rinse at the same temperature, as changes in temperature can distort the wool.

Dry your garment flat on a terry towel, rolling it several times, to remove excess water. Avoid placing it anywhere near a source of heat so as not to deform the knit or textile.

Caring for all your woolens.

• Hand washing is preferable; however, some washing machines offer a special wool program.
• Reshape the garment after washing, and press the garment gently with your hands, rather than twisting it.
• Dry flat, never in the dryer.
• Iron at low temperature.
• Never bleach or dye the garment.
• Dry cleaning is unnecessary.

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