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our vision

We want women to resonate with an idea of a harmony synchronized with the beauty of the soul.


For 30 years, we have put our hearts into creating a different universe, far from the artificial rules of fashion, instead in a world where women can free themselves, express themselves. We value grace and simplicity, the body existing between earth and sky. Independent and creative, Juliette Ozouf mixes shapes, colors, and materials from year to year, making our clothing timeless.

We use a combination of elegance, subtlety, and refinement to create a harmonious ensemble of fabric, creation, and design.

Our silhouettes continue to dance, in this freedom of movement, with the grace of a cat, the lightness of a bird, the flexibility of a feline. Combining the past, present, and future, for women who are at the same time fierce and fragile….

"To dress a real woman who wastes no time in vainly trying to embody stereotypes of femininity and beauty, but who expresses her own identity with full confidence."

Juliettte ozouf
our ethics
Made in France

Juliette Ozouf collections are designed and manufactured in France.

The knits are spun in the Massif Central of France. The fabric is then made in Brittany.

Small series

We favor quality over quantity.

Quality of materials

We pay particular attention to raw materials, buying only the finest textiles from established houses.
buying only the finest textiles from established houses.

Special colors

For some models, we make our own colors, this allows you to choose both subtle and deep shades to vary your clothing palate.

These colors are generally indicated on the “Special colors” model sheets

No intermediaries

Buying fabrics without intermediaries makes it possible to offer superior quality clothing for a price well below the market for such beautiful, well designed, and timeless garments.


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